Skill - The most indispensable tool that distinguishing the winners from losers on the IT-battlefield is our strength. Our team members are all at the forefront of the industry and well connected with our partners and alliances.
Understanding - Because no two businesses are alike, we place high priority on understanding customers’ business-specific needs and seeing each individual customer as a long-term business partner. Accompanying with our industry leading expertise and close relationship with technology vendors, we are able to provide customers tailored solutions and continued innovative technology that meet with the ever-changing market demands. We strive to offer our customers on-going assistance and proactive technical support for tackling future challenges in the IT industry.
Comprehensiveness - At Comax, IT one-stop concept is fully realized. From IT infrastructure, security, system integration, CRM, ERP, BI, HRMS, web development, outsourcing service and business consulting, we have the specialists to take care of your business in confident.
Creativity - The pursuit of excellence is our motto. We believe only creative and innovate ideas can help your business cut through the extremely competitive market. We don’t just work hard. We work smart.
Expertise - We rely on it. We trust in it. To stay at the top of the ever-changing technological environment, our staff are technical oriented and have mastered the essentials, to offer the best solutions.
Satisfaction - Developing an invaluable relationship with you is the key factor of our success. We always have a delegated team assigned to each customer or project, leading by experienced members of the company, to guarantee the first-class quality of service at all times.
Speed - Speed is critical in the information age. The ability to respond quickly, more often than not, guarantees the success of your business. There is no hierarchy obstructing the flexibility, efficiency and speed at Comax.